Andrea Fruhling, BFA, COC, PCC

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Hi! My name is Andrea

"I felt both encouraged and challenged by Andrea at my coaching session. She is a natural at this and I think many will benefit from her coaching at both the personal and professional levels. I definitely recommend!"

Jackie, Student & Mom

"After talking with Andrea I felt confident in the plan we set together and was well equipped with the skills needed to follow through with what I wanted to do. I found the experience to be very helpful and highly recommend Andrea’s coaching.”

Lauren, Early Childhood Educator

"Andrea worked with me in creative ways to develop some simple, tangible actions to help ground me amidst the excitement and nervousness of starting a new stage in my career. I'd highly recommend coaching from Andrea for anyone looking for more clarity and perspective as they chart their career paths.”

Jen, Creative Director

"Andrea has an ability to ask the question you need to answer to yourself. She listens with empathy and attentiveness. It is easy to unravel your thoughts with her and leave a session feeling refreshed, refocused and reignited to keep on.”

Anonymous, Registered Nurse

"During my very first coaching session with Andrea, there was a sense of peace and contentment that I haven't experienced with other coaches. She seems to approach coaching in the same way she lives her own life, it's all about being real, not too much fluff or unattainable dreaming. You just get to the meat right away and loved that. I ended my session feeling clear and light-hearted."

Laura, Artist & Program Coordinator

"Andrea has a keen intuition but also the training and life experience to back it up. She is trustworthy and it doesn't take long to get into a rhythm with her. I've seen tangible growth in myself and I have praised this experience to my friends and family.”

Anonymous, Registered Nurse

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