Andrea Fruhling, BFA, COC, PCC

Team coaching

What is team coaching?

A process that improves performance by focusing on the here and now.

By partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative way, I work to inspire teams to maximize their personal and professional development. Increasingly, organizations are embracing coaching to support healthy team performance and leadership potential. Studies show that coaching strengthens engagement and builds effective teams.

Team coaching engages with new or existing teams by focusing on building capacity in organizations. By enabling your team to function as more than a sum of its parts you’ll clarify your purpose and better understand the relationships within the team and the system you work in. Team coaching combines planning, scoping and engagement in direct response to your organizational concerns like team development, decision-making, values, conflict, and change.

Program components

Initial Contact: Connect with Team Leader

A one hour conversation to develop a shared understanding of team coaching expectations and roles, and the team’s organizational context, culture and priorities.

Pre-Program Conversations: Connect with Individual Team Members

An hour conversation with each team member by phone to develop direction and deepen organizational system understanding.

Team Coaching: Length and frequency customized based on needs

A sustained process of dialogue, reflection, learning and action, helping the team achieve a common goal, improving performance and the processes by which performance is achieved.

Follow-up: Follow-up meeting with Team Leader

A one hour follow-up conversation creating opportunity to provide feedback, receive recommendations and explore next steps for the team.

Next steps

If you have questions or want to discuss coaching in greater detail, let’s chat!

I truly believe in the transformative power of team coaching and am passionate about helping organizations like yours uncover their potential.

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